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Cherry On The Top

Only a week after the Leeds United family were robbed of legendary centre-back Norman Hunter by COVID-19, his Don Revie era team mate Trevor Cherry, or Churry as my dad’s West Yorkshire dialect would sell you, has also passed, at the age of 72. As I write, I’ve absolutely no […]

Allume Mon Feu

This evening, consumption of a takeaway chicken balti supper fulfilling a week long craving for cuisine from the Indian sub-continent. A modest feast raising my spirits after an earlier fraught encounter with my estranged wife; more of which I wrote in Jees, They Really Built These Things! Before moving on, I’d like […]

Jees, They Really Built These Things!

This morning, due to COVID incarceration I drove my car for the first time in a fortnight, or possibly even longer. My trusty old Vauxhall Astra, which’s transported me from A to B for a decade now, starting first time and performing its assignment with usual understated reliability. Admittedly, my […]

Not Going Out

This morning a COVID-19 related notion popped into my conscious thought which, following a couple of circuits around my neurological corridors, I deemed worthy of mention in despatches. This not an epiphany of a magnitude which’ll illuminate this prevailing dark global landscape. My coronavirus ‘lightbulb moment’ not something useful, such […]

Napping On A Tuesday Afternoon

With energy levels dropping like a listing helium balloon, today I required a post-midday nap to unearth yours truly’s cloaked dynamism. Prior to venturing down this rambling road, I wish to point out at this juncture, I’ve not got, or at any point displayed, any COVID-19 symptoms. Also for the […]

Day & Night Terrors

It’d be fair to observe that prevailing global events adorn a hat named darkly surreal. In varying degrees of severity, these day terrors tainting most of human existences worldwide. This unchartered landscape, impacting everyone’s lives in such epic proportions that if experienced during night terrors would be disregarded as too […]

Think On!

This weekend, I furloughed my Sky Sports subscription. An adjudication which’ll no doubt be a cost saving strategy employed by a majority of subscribers to this satellite/cable TV conduit. Whatever situation gave birth to the adage ‘It’s a no-brainer’, it couldn’t possibly have made a stronger case for it’s adoption […]

The Spoils

Yesterday it was spectral to witness aerial news footage, which I assume was recorded by drone (or perhaps an incredibly strong pigeon), broadcasting prevailing scenes at Venice’s St Marks Square and nearby canal system. Clapping eyes on such a historically significant city, whose iconic architectural canvas is now bereft of […]

Christmas Island, South of Java

This morning my website hosted an inaugural tarry from a citizen of Christmas Island. Like all of my global cousins, this guest, although not targeting my web domain from position of specific invitation, was warmly welcome to view my literary fare.  The Indian Ocean island a 153rd source country […]