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Pen Pushers Prevail….. Probably!

Yesterday, I was unsurprised to learn the historically uneasy alliance between Leeds United Football Club (LUFC) and game administrators had taken another dip. Events which led to Friday’s following statement on the club’s official website:- “Leeds United acknowledges that Kiko Casilla has been found guilty of breaching FA Rule E3 […]

LS Lowry in LS11?!

Sustained by a Costa coffee, sausage sandwich and a bottle of iced sparkling water, I currently gaze down from a perch in the aforementioned cafe. The target of this voyeurism the massed ranks of consumers below as they wander the main shopping centre thoroughfare, in which I temporarily lodge. There’s […]

Better Than No Dream

Striving to constantly evolve as an erudite wordsmith and thinker, I’ve recently began harbouring aspirations of producing more intellectually philosophical output. My normal dabbling into philosophy, which has sprung forth wisdom such as “Well, that’s it then!” and “Hmmmm, never mind!”, aren’t without value as such. However, even the most […]

Never A Crossword

On commencing this monologue, it appears I’m residing on the periphery of a Darby and Joan club meeting. Sitting adjacent to yours truly in a south Leeds coffee house, contented looking individuals in their dotage converse enthusiastically about gardening and mint humbugs. Among their number two ageing couples who gaze […]

The Good New Days

Yesterday evening I ventured to the Leeds City Varieties theatre in the company of my twenty-something son Jonny. My eldest offspring kindly treating his old man to an evening of surreal comedy courtesy of comedians Bob Mortimer and Andy Dawson, joviality packaged in their parody football show Athletico Mince. In the 1970’s, last […]

The Wardrobe

This morning, county folk of West Yorkshire prised open still weary eyes to a visual canvas of snow. To be clear, the scenes of which I write were the outdoor view from the populous’ bedroom windows, not that people had woke to a sleeping chamber full of the cold, white […]

Return Of The Prodigal Daughter

My daughter Rachel, who relocated to the south east England county of Kent a few month’s ago, has been back home in West Yorkshire for a few days. My youngest offspring taking advantage of her partner’s weekend in the Lake District; he dropping her at her childhood home on his […]

Going Off….

To negate against my erratic attention span, which results in most of my books being bookmarked on page 17, or thereabouts, I’ve recently taken to enjoying literature via the medium of audiobook. Frank Skinner, Stephen Fry, PG Wodehouse, Bill Bryson and Danny Baker just a few of the writers whose […]

Turn Up The Quiet!

This week, I’ve drafted the content of these observations from my usual cafe ‘desk’ to aural accompaniments an octave to two above the routine background mutterings I experience. This increase in soprano emissions sourced by West Yorkshire children ‘s vocal chords. Exuberant youngsters tarrying among the White Rose Shopping Centre aisles […]