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The Greatest Lesson

2019 lays moribund edging towards its demise in a few hours time. It’s passing signalling not just the end of the year, but also a decade which’s been a rollercoaster whose troughs  and dips occasionally caused me to metaphorically scream to get off. This soon to be laid to rest decade starting as the rest was going to pan out for the following nine. 2010 starting with such high hopes, […]

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¿Qué zona de confort?

I’ve just returned from a round trip to Cheshire, picking up my mother from her Christmas hiatus at my sisters home. Bringing back the matriarch home to West Yorkshire, ending my few angst-free days of solitude. Mater (Maggie) was in fine spirits on the journey home, her yuletide spent in the company of my youngest sibling, her husband Steve and their two young children allowing some respite from the more […]

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The Ghost of Procrastination Present

28th December – Today, after a scheduled visit to chez Strachan, I’ve had an opportunity of providing my daughter Rachel and her partner Brian their Christmas legacies. Festive tokens whose delivery, consequential of logistic issues, was deprived of me prior to and during yuletide. Small trinkets which are gestures of my love and affection towards my immediate family; clan members who bring me joy, pride and enchantment. Not to mention […]

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Last Of The Winter Wine

The fallow period between Christmas and New Year festivities is among us. It’s 27th December, the yuletide culinary smorgasbord appears threadbare which, in association with excessive imbibing of intoxicating liquor, necessitates a sojourn to the grocer for replenishments. Big decisions ruminate around residences on this sceptred isle. Considerations such as whether to consume the confectionery remnants left within the Quality Street candy selection tub. These ‘stragglers’ laying unclaimed and unloved, […]

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Quirky Is As Quirky Does

On Christmas Day I was fortunate to have the opportunity to liberate quite a few gifts from their wrapping paper incarceration. Trinkets which made me grateful I’ve such thoughtful family and friends. Bestowals whose number were heavily stacked by redolently scented cosmetic creams and sprays; circumstances sowing seeds of doubt in my erratic mind I’d may’ve subtly just been made aware of personal hygiene issues. Other bequests to this mercurial […]

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Tonight Matthew I’m Gonna Be….

One of the largest challenges I face while quilling these daily journals is crafting gags for the more whimsical lexicological offerings. Predominantly written bereft of a sounding bound, I’m writing gags which’ve not been witnessed, approved or dismissed prior to, via, launching them unceremoniously onto the worldwide web. Without prior critical feedback seeds of uncertainty manifest. Has the quip has been optimally structured? Not to mention angst as to […]

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Vive La Difference!

During conversations with readers of my penmanship some feel moved to convey “I don’t know where you get all your ideas from, Gary.” Submissions I generally take to be complimentary observations of my creative prowess displayed within these daily chronicles. I don’t make these assumptions from a position of hubris, moreover the complimentary tone in which the commentary is delivered. Admittedly, a subjective measure for gauging you the readers true […]

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