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John Maxwell Edmonds won’t be too familiar a name to most people. Despite this, some of the English classicist’s compositions will be instantly recognisable to millions around the world. In particular around this time of year, when we remember our fallen in worldwide services of remembrance. The Stroud born poet is celebrated for his moving and thought provoking epitaphs. Amongst his more famous work he is attributed with the widely […]

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Untuned Catarrh

In the last few days I’ve been afflicted by a catarrh laden cold. This rare malaise seeing your’s truly’s frequent chesty hacks manifesting with such ferocity I wouldn’t be surprised if they started from my feet. The bark then gaining momentum as it works upwards through my innards, chest, windpipe and mouth where it’s emitted with such power my toenails and testicles have been amongst the items orally discharged. It’s infrequent […]

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