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Archive for June 10th, 2019

Burning Up His Fuse Up There Alone

As I start this monologue, yours truly lounges unceremoniously in a dining room armchair. Ten minutes earlier I was dining unceremoniously in a lounge armchair?! This maverick misuse of architectural design a juxtaposition of which I’ve a self-indulgent weakness. On commencement of this sentence my wife Karen has kindly wandered from the kitchen bearing gifts of a mug of tea and a piece of velvet cake, which she carries with […]

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Open Letter To Bexley

Well Bexley Wing oncology unit we meet again. My spouse’s scheduled rendezvous with her oncologist bequeathing me with yet another few stolen hours in your welcoming although capricious company. Another hour or two residing in your hallowed chambers in the companionship of supportive medical staff, impatient out-patients, slightly more patient in-patients, scenic views of Burmantofts and temperamental hand-sanitiser dispensers. Despite you never failing at being a welcoming bedfellow, hopefully you’ll […]

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