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As Sure As Eggs Is Eggs

I’m back in Leeds after a three night hiatus in Dunstable in the company of two old friends; brothers in arms of whom I wrote yesterday in Pineapple Days. A sojourn, which among the events arranged, saw me re-united with several former work mates/colleagues during a surprise retirement presentation for a long-standing buddy of mine (Alan). The event an informal get together at the offices of the financial institution who’d employed my […]

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Pineapple Days

It was a bond initially forged in September 1983. This 20 year guy, slender of build, whimsical of persona deciding to end his capricious relationship with a financial clerical role, moving into hallowed computer hall at British Coal’s Gateshead head offices.  The previously unfulfilling work mistress dispensed with for a new employment amour of computer operations. A move still not playing to GJ Strachan’s strengths, but he felt it was time for […]

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Peering aimlessly outdoors from my mother’s dining room, I’ve just witnessed a black cat saunter arrogantly past the French doors towards wood fencing panels bordering the garden of castle Strachan senior. Strutting with a vain-glorious surety akin to how the late Queen singer Freddie Mercury owned the stage in his pomp, Sadly, unlike Frederick, the moggy wasn’t inclined to accompany this strut with a memorable pop anthem. This castle which […]

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Twitter Ye Not

In today’s earlier blog Order of Service I concluded the piece with a tongue in cheek reference to thoughts surrounding the future evolution possibilities of hybrid fuel cars. In particular, the unlikely fitting of a chimney to vehicles, giving the automobile’s owner further options to power their motors via petrol (or diesel), electric and coal. Writing this mornings narrative evoked memories of an interesting tale I read on Twitter a few years ago……… […]

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Order of Service

I’ve just dropped my motor off at a local garage for it’s annual service. Sitting here at Costa coffees hop defiling a chaste white page with self-indulgent locutions, hopefully I’ll not receive a mid-morning phone call from a mechanic informing he’s identified an unexpected car maintenance issue. Problems such as my vehicle being afflicted by an oscillating grandling coupling, or an urgent requirement for an edification unit re-calibration, which’ll cost […]

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Holding A Tune

This morning, I undertook the next step in my cardio rehab programme, enrolling on a local leisure centre’s circuits class. A session filled with mucho perspiration, intense focus of programme objectives and the realisation that wearing your undies on the outside of your tracks bottoms doesn’t necessarily impart you with superhuman powers. The latter a faux pas caused by my disorientated state while dressing post reveille. Talking of superheroes, despite my […]

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If Only I Had A…….

I’ve got a followup appointment with my cardiologist tomorrow. A meeting to discuss my post-heart attack progress, results of my last ultrasound and the recipe for butter-free Butter Chicken. Apparently his signature dish which he quirkily titles ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Chicken’. Cardiologists, the scourge of take-away restaurant owners, cheese manufacturers, pie-makers and a cardiac arrest victim from east Dulwich called Geoff. Much to his chagrin, the West […]

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