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To Helico & Bacter

Yesterday evening was spent setting up front and back covers, along with selecting content for the latest of a series of books I’ve self-published. All of these, with the exception of a short book of poems, containing a selection from the 1,474 daily blogs journaling observations of both fact and […]

Barcode Banality

It’s my first gym session with the NHS cardiac rehab team this aft. Although my pre-assessment meeting was at the beginning of April, where I performed encouragingly well in the beep test, today’s was the first gym slot they could accommodate me. My contract with the post-cardiac arrest nurses/trainer entitles […]


Through the French doors a sun kissed lawn, tubs of kaleidoscopically coloured winter pansies, budding clematises and a variety of perennial shrubs provide the chromatic backdrop to today’s prose. That being said, the lawn, although green and healthy, is currently not at its cosmetic best. Its facade tainted by several […]


It was touching to receive so many birthday wishes via social media on Thursday. I’m always appreciative when individuals take time to convey regards; a gratitude mirrored when they make space in their schedules to visit my website and/or read my narratives. With my time predominantly spent in solitude, […]


In recent years I’ve embraced a more contrarian nature than previously adopted during earlier adult life. Middle-age granting me the wisdom that staying true to my beliefs were an infinitely preferable bedfellow to compromising principles to curry favour. The latter displays of appeasement frustratingly occasionally granted to people completely unworthy […]

Got There….. Just!

It’s my birthday. Without wishing to appear overly melodramatic, a landmark two recent medical afflictions nearly deprived me of. January’s cardiac arrest and a gastric haemorrhage earlier this month a duo of unwelcome life events that battered me physically, but thankfully thus far haven’t broken my mental spirit. Anyhow, enough […]

The George Bailey Years

I’m fairly reliably informed Leeds’ afternoon meteorological guest will be April showers. Precipitation no doubt welcomed with open arms by fields of arable crops and domestic spring flower beds. Flora and fauna whose exposure to almost uninterrupted Easter holiday sunshine exposing them to aridity akin to a human’s palate after […]

Once More, Once More

It’s St George’s Day. As I write, English people around the globe will be participating in a ‘knees up’ to celebrate the life of their patron saint. The Scots, Irish and Welsh will also be raising a glass today. Mind you, that isn’t in honour of the English patron saint, moreover the result of liking a beer as […]

Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

They journeyed from afar under an energy-sapping sun, parched and weary on arrival at their destination. The spent travellers odysseys made to congregate for a family feast among the east Leeds suburbs…… Well, they came from York and Wakefield anyway. The christian resurrection commemorated with sacrificed lamb, the up-coming birthday […]