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Archive for February 25th, 2019

Dartmouth Avenue Shops

In the 1970’s, the shops halfway along Low Fell’s Dartmouth Avenue were an almost daily destination of the young Gary Strachan. This mini retail outlet for Chowdenians***,  consisting of a group of four convenience stores which over the years included a Spar supermarket, an Off-licence, a hairdressers and a newsagent. *** – I’ve absolutely no idea if the correct collective term for people from the Chowdene estate is Chowdenians; however in […]

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Shopping Channel Shenanigans

As I write, my wife Karen is watching the QVC channel. With no sign of a phone within her close vicinity I’m hoping it’s merely for research purposes, not with a view to impulse buy a product we really don’t need. Something, we’re been guilty of when under the hypnotic influence of cable shopping channels. Our gung-ho approach too often resulting in justifying to each other the unneeded item purchased […]

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