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Archive for February 6th, 2019

…. And The Teachers Get The Money!

During an earlier vignette I penned about attending Heathfield Senior High School, I failed to relay any memories of the teachers who’d the unenviable pleasure of trying to motivate me during term time. This a deeply challenging segment of my life when my only hobbies were sporadically emitting pubescent grunts of discontentment, interspersed with frequent inappropriate lusting after Blue Peter presenter Lesley Judd. Looking back I feel for anyone who […]

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Lunchtime Lounging At The Griddle

The Gateshead senior high school where I was educated was demolished a couple of decades ago. I’m assured it’s nothing to do with my attendance there and the hate mail’s abated, but the self-doubt still lingers. The school’s penchant for turning out top level professional footballers, a world renowned orchestra leader and an international rugby player insufficient to save it’s fate at the hands of a demolition ball. It’s once […]

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