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Archive for February 2nd, 2019

Great Uncle Hector

I dreamt last night I was visited by the spirit of my Great Uncle Hector. Initially I didn’t recognise him as his face was masked by a cricket helmet. His identity only unveiled when he proffered in his unmistakeable West Yorkshire tones “If you win the toss, Gary, I’d bat first.” Distracted by his idiosyncratic batsman’s helmet, which bore left and right car indicators and a sign on the rear […]

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What to Watch?

Late this afternoon I’ll be confronted by a conundrum which afflicts us armchair sports fans once or twice a season. Not a problem of earth shattering proportions by any stretch of the imagination, nevertheless a decision still requiring careful consideration. This trivial poser the three football/rugby teams I follow being broadcast live on TV almost simultaneously. Subsequently, yours truly will be later confronted by the first world problem of deciding […]

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