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Archive for January 28th, 2019

Voorhees A Jolly Good Fellow

I’ve just returned from my local Sainsburys store where I’ve been stocking up with bananas, oranges, walnuts and a regenerative smoothie. A few of the new healthier dietary companions who now grace casa Strachan’s fruit bowl; a kitchen item that until recently was home to crisp packets and bags of Haribo gummy bears. Fruit and nuts the more prudent post-cardiac arrest snacking options than my former preferences of cheese and […]

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Life In An Enya Video

Yesterday I set up my 29th self-published book in preparation for printing. Without wanting to sound melodramatic, if things had’ve taken a different turn on 11th January my 28th tome would’ve been my last literary offering. The one I sent off for publishing yesterday becoming my metaphorical ‘unfinished symphony’. The dozen or so narratives written after that date, which form the 29th book’s final chapters, never seeing the light of […]

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