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Archive for January 27th, 2019

Sounds Like A Plan

During a post-lunch walk around the estate in which casa Strachan resides I bumped into an old acquaintance. Aware of my recent cardio issues, during our brief chat, he magnanimously offered his good wishes for a speedy and full recovery. During the conversation they enquired what the experience of undergoing a heart attack felt like. After briefly pondering over how to reply, I responded it was overrated and apart from […]

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An Archaic Virtue?

As I commence today’s musings I’m ‘blessed’ to have the audio accompaniment of beeping car horns. This cacophony of sound emanating from the local Sainsburys supermarket parking lot; not a consequence of displeasure at me driving erratically while writing a blog at the wheel. The culprit of the horn parping no doubt driven to his/her impatient and confrontational act by something trivial. The catalyst of this rage probably disenchantment at […]

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