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Well Don’t Do It Then!

Over many years of undertaking the unofficial and unwanted role of St Garfield, the patron saint of hospital waiting rooms, I’ve learned it’s possible to extract humour, melancholy and maybe a thought-provoking notion from even the darkest of situations. For instance, during my post cardiac-arrest hospital admission I was asked scores of medical questions – On reaching question 65, I interrupted the nurse to quip how unimpressed I was with […]

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To See Oursels……

25th January 2019 – Today sees Scots around the world marking the birthday of 18th century Caledonian poet and lyricist Rabbie (Robert) Burns. Incorporated within these global Burns Night celebrations revellers will feast on haggis, neeps and tatties; along with partaking in a wee dram to toast the national poet of Scotland. In some cases, recitals of the Bard of Argylle’s poetry will also be given a perennial airing. I […]

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