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Archive for January 23rd, 2019

Dante’s Inferno – 2019

In my attempts to dodge situations adding strain on my still recovering cardio system I’m currently striving to avoid TV news bulletins. An approach purposely taken to evade the journalistic millstones capable of dragging even the most positive individuals (of which I’m not one) into a pit of despair. Stories that transport you from the sanitised world of TV quiz shows Pointless or The Chase, aired just prior to the […]

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Mike’s Motor

As a follow up from my recent cardiac scare, I’ve just had an appointment with my GP at their east Leeds surgery.. At the commencement of my consultation I was alarmed to be advised by the doctor it’d be wise not to book any holidays. Concerned at this edict I responded “Why doctor is my heart prognosis that bad?” To which she replied “No, but now you’ve had a heart […]

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