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Month: January 2019

Passing the Baton

January 2019’s watch is almost at an end. In only a few short hours it’ll be handing over the monthly baton to February who’ll bequeath Northern Hemispherians slightly lighter nights, […]
Passing the Baton

Small Steps

I’ve just returned from a post-lunch stroll to pick up cardio meds from the pharmacy. Not a massive walk by any stretch of the imagination, however the half hour return […]
Small Steps

Any Umbrellas?

Today is the first day since being discharged from hospital that I’ve felt less energetic than the previous day. Enveloped in a veil of lethargy, currently my only desire is […]
Any Umbrellas?

It’s All Greek To Me!

Being currently housebound finding a topic which doesn’t touch upon the health scare causing my hermitism can be a difficult task. I’d like to think I possess a creatively fertile […]

An Archaic Virtue?

As I commence today’s musings I’m ‘blessed’ to have the audio accompaniment of beeping car horns. This cacophony of sound emanating from the local Sainsburys supermarket parking lot; not a […]


Due to recent life events, I’m currently undertaking an unintended ‘Dry January’. My alcohol abstinence not earning money for a charitable cause, as with those who’re partaking in the official […]

To See Oursels……

25th January 2019 – Today sees Scots around the world marking the birthday of 18th century Caledonian poet and lyricist Rabbie (Robert) Burns. Incorporated within these global Burns Night celebrations […]

X Marks The Spot

Sitting with a bowl of wasabi peas and a mandarin, carrot and ginger smoothie, I’ve one eye on my laptop and the other on a Sky Atlantic show called The […]


Being practically housebound in the aftermath of my heart attack has granted me significantly more time to focus on writing. My cardiologist’s orders to rest providing me with a perfect […]