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Annus Mixed Fortunesius

I’ve decided to undertake an easier literary route with’s final posting of 2018. Taking a lead from various media channels at this time of year, I’m going to look back over snippets of my content postings during the past twelve months. My informational sources the insight data available to me via administrative access on, in conjunction with a brief scan through my years literary output. According to this […]

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1970’s Hogmanays at Chez Strachan

Ordinarily, these days I don’t normally over-indulge with the New Years Eve celebrations. A situation very different to my parents during my formative years, when my family welcomed the dawn of a new year with gusto. Gusto was a German guy who lived on Cromer Avenue. As I recall, he was affable of nature; however his premature arrival at our home (on the 29th December) to secure his seat by placing […]

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Holding Back The Waves

Mercifully, this morning I feel in significantly better health than yesterday when I turned in at 8.30pm. A time when loosening catarrh caused my nose to stream so extravagantly I was in need of the nasal equivalent of the Hoover Dam. Sadly, as there’s no such this as the nasal version of the Hoover Dam, I was forced to stem the mucus flow with four boxes of Kleenex tissues and, […]

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The Snagged Marlin

There’s an old adage that ‘pride comes before a fall’ – A musing from folklore which yesterday I witnessed come to fruition. This incident played out when a friend downed twelve cans of London Pride beer and went ass over elbow on their front doorstep. Nothing was hurt apart from his pride…… Oh, and ‘lucky’ carton of eggs and china dinner service which accompany him everywhere. Despite these items clearly […]

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Alice & The Cheshire Cat

Today’s blog is my first after completing a couple of days hiatus from creating content for website . A much needed Christmas break after an emotionally challenging month after the recent passing of her mother. While my spouse spent her yuletide with her newly widowed father in County Durham, I ventured westward to Cheshire to join my sister, her husband and his family. My destination the county that shares […]

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Santa Stalking

Christmas Eve 2018 – According to an app on my smart phone, Santa Claus is currently zooming on his sleigh over the Middle East. In a fairly unremarkable coincidence, the domain where the yuletide story began over two thousand winters ago. On witnessing the progress of St Nicholas’ sleigh ride, I felt thankful the app was tracking tonight’s global odyssey by the jolly red faced guy above Asia. And, for […]

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Desert Island Flicks

Being on my tod at the moment, while my wife is supporting her recently widowed pater, I’ve plenty of time to mull over the fineries of our existence. These epiphanies surrounding pastimes and hobbies I’d miss most in the hypothetical scenario of being stuck on a desert island – Grim circumstances where my only company was fragrant Aussie actress Margot Robbie and a Subbuteo table football game. Notions of things […]

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