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Waiting Room Only

I’m hospital waiting room in situ as the starter’s pistol signals commencement of my second blog of the day. At least I think it was a starter’s gun, not the sound of a drive-by shooting on Beckett Street! Sitting in the Imaging department waiting area, the comforting heat of an adjacent radiator warms my chilled bones. My skeletal frostiness courtesy of the unforgiving north Leeds wind during my stroll from […]

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East Leeds Locutions

Monday proved to be a rather unspectacular day for yours truly. Waking to heavy rainfall, the low level grey stratus clouds hung around LS15 throughout daylight hours. A fitting metaphor for my mood – Spirits that weren’t even lifted by the midday arrival of my latest self-published book of blog excerpts. My 23rd tome, titled ‘Fool On The Hill’, a chronicling of my daily exploits in the fledgling weeks of […]

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Celebration At Ardsley Kirk

I had a rare venture to church yesterday afternoon. A service to celebrate those who’ve passed and whose funerals had taken place at the venue during the previous twelve months. Amongst those being celebrated my father Malcolm. Amid the throng of similarly bereaved families, my mother, me and several family friends lit a candle for our dearly departed. A moving part of the service interspersed by orations from scriptures, Evensong […]

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Sunday Sojourn

The sound of the dog snoring and a sight of my wife online shopping. Just two activities I wouldn’t mention should our Austrian governess ask my six siblings and me to musically disclose our favourite things. As I embark on this narrative, though, they’re the current sights/sounds accompanying yours truly. Unwanted distractions on this odyssey of literary nirvana/nonsense (delete where applicable). Seeking festive trinkets at the e-temple of the Marks […]

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A Little Shy & Sad Of Eye

Karen and I have a houseguest for the weekend in the shape of the beautiful Sophia. A little shy and sad of eye, this enchanting Cavalier King Charles spaniel could melt the very frostiest of hearts……. Well, maybe not melt your heart, but subject you to such skilled emotional blackmail techniques she’ll consume half of your dinner. Manfully attempting to focus on penning this narrative, my concentration levels are engaged […]

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Countering SWABS

Recently, I’ve found my enthusiasm for writing these daily narratives has been on the wane. Consequently, the whole process is taking significantly longer than usual and ideas that ordinarily flow plentifully are currently of a premium. A fact not helped with the creative flow being diminished by having to pen the pieces in broken segments throughout the day. The result of more pressing issues on my ‘to do list’. An […]

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Isolation of the Lambs

According to viking legend, mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy, a kid’ll eat ivy too, wouldn’t you?…… Or was that the advocacy of songwriters Milton Drake, Al Hoffman and Jerry Livingston?…… I best research that before posting. Anyhow, regardless of who came up with the adage, on a writing foundation course I recently attended this maxim was among debate subjects. During this discussion, a […]

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