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Walking in a Gunby Wonderland

Today, a good buddy of mine posted photographic evidence of our attendance at the Leeds premiere of the movie Leeds United Stories Vol 1. This a verification of an evening in May, relayed in my parody narrative Red Carpet; White Hart. My buddy Mike, is related through marriage to a former Leeds player and caretaker manager named Peter Gunby. A fact that my neighbour never tires of bringing up in verbal […]

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I feel the earth move under my feet I feel the sky tumbling down I feel my heart start trembling Whenever you’re around A poetic verse from the pen of American song/writer Carole King. A divulgent proclamation starting her 1971 hit named after the first pentad of the lyric. Lexilogical meanderings overtly expressing to her beau the positive affect of his presence. Unashamedly romantic prose unlikely to feature in TV […]

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The Revamp

Tuesday 29th May – This morning, I’ve revamped the look and feel of my website – A fiddly task where customising the site to my aesthetic requirements isn’t ordinarily achieved without significant trial and error. I liken the process to that of attempting to ‘wind up’ my adult children. That a strategy of antagonising them until they ‘bite’ at my mischievous jibes. Like the process for procuring the website […]

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Monday 28th May – Recent performances/results by sporting teams I follow are making it challenging to stay of the path to serenity I’m endeavouring to follow. Unable to influence the outcome, ordinarily I never dwell on times of poor form, or take the disappointment too personally. However, when the hate mail, such as ‘Stop following our team, you chuffing Jonah!’, starts arriving, it’s time to seek prospective solutions In an […]

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Careless Hands

Sunday 27th May – One of the first televised football matches I recollect from childhood occurred on Saturday 11th April 1970 – The showpiece FA Cup Final between Chelsea and Leeds United. Unlike it’s contemporary version, an era when claiming the premier cup competition in England was more aspirational to the games big-hitters. From memory it was a game dominated by Leeds United, with fleet of foot winger Eddie Gray […]

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Who Locked Grandad In The Loo?

On this day in mid-1960’s Kirskstall, Leeds my younger brother Ian made his appearance into the world. Born at home, our kid arrived shortly after the conclusion of the second Cassius Clay vs Sonny Liston fight. With Clay (latterly Muhammed Ali) winning by first round KO, Ian didn’t turn up on time to witness Liston being struck to the canvas by the Louisville Lip. Although I suspect, as a new-born […]

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Have You Heard About……?!

Friday 25th May – At the moment, any free time I have seems to involve responding to GDPR emails. The senders of these mandatory communications include social media giants like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, the entities whose distribution lists I reside upon, along with utility service providers. Due to upcoming regulation changes, I’ve been inundated with requests to state my preferences into how my personal data is utilised. In one […]

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