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Archive for December 18th, 2017

The Return of the Seven

Later this evening, I’m headed out to watch the alternative rock band Shed Seven, who are performing at the Leeds O2 Academy. Hopefully, it’ll turn out to be as entertaining as last years pre-Christmas performance I witnessed from the York band. A night that led to me journaling the following parody review:-   I ventured out to see Inspiral Carpets and Shed Seven yesterday evening. For the uninitiated, I hadn’t been granted exclusive […]

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Yawning On A Yuletide

The last two nights have seen new lows in sleep longevity for yours truly. My body clock appears to have developed an alarm which, with the mischief of an advent ‘elf on the shelf’, finds it humorous to end my slumber at around 1.30am. Consequently, if it wasn’t for the caffeine infusing qualities of my good friend Douwe Egberts medium gold I’d likely be displaying daytime symptoms of narcolepsy. These would be unthinkable situations where as […]

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