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That’s Grand!

It’s Christmas Eve as I start this my 1000th and final blog. The end of my 1002 day literary odyssey that’s taken up around 3000 man hours of creative writing; in addition to hundreds of hours undertaking website admin on…… Not to mention spending chuffing ages concluding it’s been 1002 days since I commenced this project. During this 33 month sojourn, my website has received over 28000 hits globally in 116 different countries. Excerpts of some of […]

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A Christmas Do With The Missus

Yesterday, my lunchtime was spent at an Italian restaurant in the centre of our splendid West Yorkshire metropolis. Here my wife and I feasted on festive fare, prior to being royally entertained by classic sounds from the Motown songbook, while imbibing an agreeable bottle of Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon. In our hosts glitzy 1920’s art-deco style surroundings, four singers (3 male and 1 female)took us back to the 1960’s, bequeathing us iconic tunes originally produced on Berry Gordy’s legendary record label. This included performances of accomplished cover versions […]

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Strachan Christmas Traditions

Yesterday, I had a conversation with an old acquaintance about Christmas gifts. It wasn’t a long conversation, moreover me asking him “Where the chuff’s my Christmas present?!” Knowing I was joking he laughed and the conversation moved on. He confided in me he’d just undergone a minor hospital procedure to remove something on his head. I asked if it was a suspect growth that needed a biopsy, to which he […]

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Where It All Started

I’m now within three blogs of no longer penning these daily narratives. With this literary project coming to an end, today I’ve unearthed the first blog I wrote on 28th March 2015; the date I established my website Reading the piece, it’s interesting to revisit my goals and aspirations on the inception of the project; not to mention expectations of output capability. One thing I completely misjudged was the anticipated output prolificacy. When I started this lexilogical journey, I estimated I’d only […]

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Odyssey of the Offspring

Today, my son Jonny is due to visit back to his childhood home; a pre-Christmas odyssey to exchange presents, whimsical insults and creosote anecdotes. The wood preservative yarns are a family yuletide tradition, passed down through generations of Strachans. They’re never captivating, apart from Uncle Bert’s tale of victory in the 1957 Bramley Shed Stainer of The Year competition….. Actually, on reflection that’s pretty dull as well – Strike that, they’re all dull!……. “But […]

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A Memorable Night On The Tiles

Scene – It’s Saturday 19th December 2015. In a north Leeds social club, two men over 40 (that’s years old, not pints downed) are stood with a crowd of around 100+ people awaiting a music gig commencement. The younger of the two, is in the midst of a home bathroom drama so bad he’s got his own theme tune. Despite his renovation disenchantment, though, he remains positive, explaining to his less musically street-wise mate the forthcoming act comes highly recommended by […]

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An Awful Lot Of Coffee….

This morning, following cack-handedly spilling most of my coffee in the passenger foot well, I inadvertently stumbled upon an enticing new car air freshener. I don’t think my accidental discovery will secure me investment backing on TV’s Dragons Den – However it certainly beats the aroma of kiddies vomit in the league table of car interior fragrances. Everyone loves the smell of coffee, with the possible exception of the Garforth I Much Prefer Tea Association, who allegedly detest […]

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