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Archive for November 21st, 2017

Last Bottle of Red

Departed Loiner’s final glass vessel; merlot bereft In smithereens; akin to spirits of those left behind Fragmented for regeneration; successor yet untold   Like Loiner, vessel existentially intact two months prior Their chance meeting short, though physically & spiritually fruitful Distressingly, House of York affiliate’s hindmost drop of fermented grape   Empty merlot vessel bereft of it’s significance in clan’s story Cast as blindsiding villain in minefield of triggers sorrowful Bottle, […]

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We’d A Clock Just Like That!

My son Jonny and I undertook further garage clearance in chez Strachan senior on Sunday. Unshaven and dressed to combat the West Yorkshire chill, the pair of us looked like bungling thieves Harry and Marv from the movie Home Alone. Thankfully, our well-meaning graft wasn’t hampered by an elaborate set of traps set by the neighbourhood youngsters – as was the upshot for the haphazard thieves in the classic Christmas movie directed […]

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