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Archive for October 26th, 2017

Ending Nikita’s Cuban Threat to Camelot

The world gave a huge sigh of relief 55 years today when an agreement to resolve the Cuban missile crisis was reached by the USA and the Soviet Union. A historic accord that averted the immediate threat of nuclear war between the two superpowers and an inevitable mass loss of life globally. The crisis started a fortnight earlier when a United States U2 reconnaissance plane spotted the existence of Soviet missiles on Cuban soil. […]

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Good Riddance BST 2017!

This weekend witnesses the end of British Summer Time (BST) for 2017, when we in Blighty turn our clocks back an hour. In chez Strachan these sixty minutes aren’t ordinarily utilised increasing my sleep longevity; moreover this ‘gift’ is spent changing non-computerised time-keeping devices to reflect this horological amendment. When BST was first implemented in 1916, during WWI, clocks and watches were very different from those we use today. Many clocks could not […]

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