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Archive for October 4th, 2017

Literary Distraction

I’ve decided to pen a supplementary narrative today. The driver behind this atypical decision being my personal requirement of the sanctuary I find in the company of pen and paper. A consequence of a close family member recently receiving devastating, although not completely unexpected, news regarding a medical related matter. I’m not going into details of this news via the medium of blogging. What I will say, though, is despite the receipt of the prognosis being unsurprising, hearing confirmation from medics […]

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Two Soups & A Pot Noodle

In my newly acquired role of dissenter against the mainstream, I often cock a snook at the world and push existential boundaries to their limits with acts of wanton recklessness. Yesterday this growing list of daring doo was augmented after I fearlessly cooked a couple of batches of homemade soup. This novel role of dissenter pays poorly, but the hours are good and there’s a subsidised crèche. With my two kids being in their mid-20’s, I have no […]

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