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Black Skies Are The New Blue

Name your ransom; what dowry for chief’s homecoming? Brood at sea, despite occupying terra firma Clan cut adrift, despite occupying terra firma Old Blue Eyes lament awaits chief Frankie’s throat cleared; though won’t sing ‘The Good Life’ Wine rack bereft of buddy merlot For Pontefract cakes, blue is new black For the brood, skies black are new blue.   Melancholy prevails in WF3 Cricket loving role model’s plight dispirits the […]

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Quite A Day!

On the day my parents married I hadn’t yet joined this mortal coil; consequently, I’m unable to provide first hand experiences of that day. However, through engaging with people who were there that day, I understand the service and reception went something like this:- On this day 57 years ago a young man from Farnley and his newly betrothed girl from Gledhow walked down the aisle of a Woodhouse church […]

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