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Salle Des Declencheurs

Comfort zone, erstwhile sanctuary of clan chief Former chamber of serenity, grape and musical refrain Empty leather seat beckons product of god’s own county to no avail Empty brood hearts beckon man of god’s own county to no avail Sinatra in solitude, Darrin in desolation his clans hereafter.   Yorkshireman’s […]

iBobbing for Apples

Tonight, All Hallows’ Evening will be celebrated in a number of countries around the globe. A time of fancy dress, imaginatively sculptured pumpkins and hyper kids not sleeping after eating six bags of Haribo gummy bears, four lollies and eighteen sherbet dips. Blimey, I’m showing my age there. I’m not […]

The Fraught Train

Week commencing 30th October is going to be a tough week for my family. A few days of build up to my father’s funeral on Wednesday, followed by the aftermath when his passing will no doubt finally hit us like a freight train. Incidentally, I initially misspelt freight as fraught in the […]

A Slow News Day

I’ve got the last lawn cuts of the year to undertake today. It’s barely a event that will gain a mention on the national TV news (or indeed locally) unless it’s an incredibly slow news day. It’s unlikely, however on a particularly barren Sunday in the BBC news room, who knows. The features […]

A New Literary Challenge

Yesterday afternoon, I wrote a eulogy to deliver at my father’s funeral on Wednesday. As it would be highly inappropriate to do so, I’m not going to publish those words in this narrative. The reason I highlighted this activity is merely part of journaling some of my Friday activities in chez Strachan junior. I realise this is […]

Seeking the Spark

On occasion the hardest thing I find when penning a blog is selecting a narrative subject. That short period of time when I tenaciously seek a topic which’ll elicit between 500 – 700 of prose onto the blank page in front of me. Seeing I was creatively barren this morning, my wife Karen suggested […]

Ending Nikita’s Cuban Threat to Camelot

The world gave a huge sigh of relief 55 years today when an agreement to resolve the Cuban missile crisis was reached by the USA and the Soviet Union. A historic accord that averted the immediate threat of nuclear war between the two superpowers and an inevitable mass loss of life globally. The crisis […]

Good Riddance BST 2017!

This weekend witnesses the end of British Summer Time (BST) for 2017, when we in Blighty turn our clocks back an hour. In chez Strachan these sixty minutes aren’t ordinarily utilised increasing my sleep longevity; moreover this ‘gift’ is spent changing non-computerised time-keeping devices to reflect this horological amendment. When BST was first […]

Scott and the Scot

Treating my recently wax cleared lugs to the R&B anthems of Aberdonian singer Emeli Sande, I had a night out yesterday evening at the first direct arena in Leeds. To clarify, spelling first direct without capitals and in bold text isn’t a misprint, it’s the brand spelling. Knowledge I’m privileged to as one […]