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Archive for September 24th, 2017

Position Incurable

Pernicious canker; indiscriminate spitefulness Teases with capricious exhibitions of salubriousness Clan chief Strachan stricken Consequently, brood akin to felines on tin roof scorching Seven years canker has taunted caricature Norn man ponders if he fragmented mirror in 2010.   Similar to Damocles sabre, malignancy menaces Jeering at chief’s brood from position incurable It’s presence sickens Strachans No ransom can return table head’s wellbeing Canker seeks not riches, objective to torment […]

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Kindly Disregard This Letter

This mornings solar rays in East Ardsley are making a concerted effort to lift my sagging spirits. As they blaze through an open French door onto my makeshift scribing desk, I can hear them attempting to cajole me into action with the words “Cheer up you miserable bleeder, worse things happen at sea!” Actually, I’ve just realised that was my mum speaking to me not a mystical solar messenger. She didn’t use the […]

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