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A gentleman in every sense Half full glass, brimming heart Though Sunday’s Jolly Miller jaunts times glass untenanted Initiated offspring’s worship at LS11 kirk; Roots irrefutable Brood unconditionally sheltered; selfless acts thy default Role model role; model role model.   Family purgatory at current plight melancholic Keep thine spirit gentleman, despite annus notgoodius The wolf found wood house unfit for purpose Woodhouse man remain resolute against reaper nemesis Thine wintertide […]

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“Time for Bed!”…. Boing

On Monday afternoon, while Karen was undergoing an MRI scan, I interspersed people watching with writing prose in a waiting area of the Bexley Wing, Leeds. The sonnet was written in a deliberately pretentious style, for which I make no apology. During this poem I made mention that St James (the name of the hospital currently in situ) was the son of Zebedee, taking my mind on an unplanned sojourn into the […]

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