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Archive for September 10th, 2017

Who’s Keeping Score?

Existential canvas; footprint experiential Caricature ponders own mortality What legacy sought on mattress moribund? Indelible stamp on life’s letter his goal?   Goal evocations selfless, heritage humanity No ‘I’ in benevolent No benevolence in misguided No place like home according to girl in red shoes Karma didn’t get the email Devils and thieves do prosper Actions unaccountable; selfishness satisfied Does anyone keep score anymore?   Dwindling advocates of manners maketh […]

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The Reunion

I spent yesterday afternoon residing in a Leeds bar with around 20 ex-work colleagues. Our group consisted of a motley mix of old school computer mainframe operators, IT development/support people and a man with the dubious honour of being Basil Brush’s minder. It was a cordial few hours catching up with people I hadn’t worked with for many years. That being said, Basil’s minder became unnecessarily confrontational if you mentioned anything derogatory about the puppet fox. This re-union of staff from […]

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