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Archive for August 29th, 2017

Domain Dismal

Only skin deep thy enchantment Vitriolic blight on caricature’s existence Masking habitual demeanour from dupable peers Gullible folks deceived of thy deportment ornery.   Loyalty blind amongst gang quartet Negativity prevails; irrational belief of mistreatment Harridan mater role model rancid Strangely proud of doll’s ne’er venturing from comfort zone   Meal tickets vilified, joy withheld at termagant’s indoctrination Vindictive; neurological wherewithal barren as joy they bestow Spiteful; schadenfreude quartet’s existential […]

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Memories Born From Fragments

Yesterday afternoon, I started the unenviable task of tidying our garage. A tedious job that included the cleaning out of my toolbox, sorting screws into comparable sizes and pondering why, during my 29 year marriage, I’d gone to the unnecessary expense of purchasing two of every tool. Amongst the emotional re-acquaintances I made sorting my toolbox, I was reunited with dust and wood shavings from when we lived in Bedfordshire over 21 years ago. Not to mention finding scores of […]

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