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Archive for August 15th, 2017

That’s Nice

“They’re lovely people”; they aren’t “They’re so clever”; they weren’t Undeserved pedestals constructed by role models naive Voiced by those witnessing self-righteous, authentic or not.   Acquiesce to the ‘lovely people’ Cow tow to the supposedly ‘erudite’ Mantra of insecurity; foolhardy bastion of subservience Consequence, imbecilic compliance to those unworthy.   “Blessed are the peacemakers.” Almighty’s adoption promised as thy bounty Natheless, are fomenter’s made accountable? Is damnation resultant from dissenter’s disregard?   Well meaning […]

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Want That One!

This afternoon I had my first experience of transporting someone around a shopping centre in a wheelchair. This the consequence of my dad deciding he felt well enough to accompany my mum and I on a weekly comestible shop at Sainsburys, in the White Rose Shopping Centre. A supermarket shop my parents is generally a comical affair, where my dad’s OCD goes into overdrive and my mum struggles with an unusually restrained outdoor demeanour, which stops her reacting to his […]

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