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Legacy of the Loathsome

Despairing soul unhidden by eyes azure Anchor of one score years and ten exacerbates Ungrateful product of family fatuous Dowry from dimwits, legacy of the loathsome.   Yeti drained of emotion, spiritually spent Will recompense for anni horribilis ever manifest? Half existence sacrifice an act of unreconciled folly? Avenues of joy anchor obstructed, duration decades   Townsend penned of joyless man, iris cobalt Though ostracised for barren conscience His dreams remained plentiful Yeti […]

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Tick in the Box

Throwback Monday – An updated version of a tongue in cheek narrative I wrote two years ago on the topic of project management:- One hundred and twenty four years today France became the first country to make it mandatory for all cars and carriages to have a registration plate. The introduction of this innovative epiphany was to support the surete (French police) in their fight against an alarming escalation in armed baguette theft. Before vehicle registration, getaway drivers for […]

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