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Archive for August 7th, 2017

Malice Revisited

Take on book A Town Like Alice Shute’s tome given Modfather spin 82 Stop apologising, proffers bard Seek not redemption, his rapid beat advocacy Except things propagated thyself.   No guarantee of existential longevity Though cruelty a certain acquaintance From within thyself a change requires manifestation Now factory in situ, empty milk carts of Weller’s 82 Though, dairy yard majority buried with Co-op shire horses.   As with bard’s observations 82, proletariat dilemma […]

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Treading Father’s Footsteps

Yesterday, my son Jonny asked me for advice about starting a role in a building where I worked for around 20 years. This state of the art structure is home to a financial institution where I’m technically still employed; but for personal reasons have been absent from for a while. My boy’s role is completely different to what I did, so I couldn’t give advice about the job he will be undertaking. However, as I know his new boss and […]

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