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Archive for August 6th, 2017

Proud Legacy To Dolls

Mind countenances revenging entirety Despite misdemeanours being actions of one Bitterness, spite cascades from harridan’s dermis Toxic tort, indoctrinating vitriol your proud legacy to dolls Opining worthless, frontier gibberish of delivery.   Where art thou warmth and humanity railway town termagant? Can it be exhumed, or has ne’er heretofore? Thy slap heed betrothed proffers thee a coo Rare accurate prophecy by ‘real man’ with mashie niblick Sentiments mooted post social climbing in apron. […]

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Seal Lions On A Shirt….

Yesterday, I ventured to the enchanting North Yorkshire spa town of Harrogate, our journey courtesy of the number 36 Ripon bus. It was a congenial sojourn in the comfort of leather upholstery seats with integrated USB port, personal table, free wifi and the affable tones of TV presenter Harry Gration informing passengers the location of each stop. During the venture there and back, I filled in time by writing a blog on my mobile […]

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