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Archive for August 3rd, 2017

In Search O’ Four Holy Grails

Den of iniquity, with a fortuitous cast Pimped, although from sources without hats A score of ostentatious geezer’s, contesting four holy grails Mother enquires is any player worth £100 million “Neymar” opines her Yorkshire son.   Den of iniquity, questionable of behaviour Tis’ no riddle why thy is wall to wall pitched Be happy to know serial goal scorer has a cereal breakfast Viewers sleep content at le petit dejeuner revelation Their hard […]

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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow?

During the daily haphazard penning of my narratives, I’ve noticed recently there have been a few days when strands of hair have been resident on the achromatic keyboard of my laptop. Despite me mentioning this, it’s not something I’m overly alarmed about: after all it’s perfectly normal for a chap of my vintage to lose his hair. I’d have been concerned if I’d have thought the hair was actually growing from my Lenovo Ideapad, my trusty wingman on these sojourns to the land […]

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