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Archive for August 1st, 2017

Conversations Around The Coven

Conversations around the coven Non-existent words, non-existent humanity Locutions from locations without erudition You can fool some of the people all of the time Like hound dog mistreated, yeti will have his day.   Uh-hu, mmmh, ah-ha, parrot replication thy sole chatter Does Polly want a cracker, thesaurus or dictionary Offerings worthless, icy actions your maxim Dual stirring of coven pot and excrement legacy to thine dolls Positivity, warmth ne’er […]

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Ramblings From The Park Bench

I’ve just spent a cathartic couple of hours at Roundhay Park on the northern edge of our fair metropolis. As with the medicinal compound created by Lily the Pink ( the eponymous creation of beatnik poets The Scaffold), the jaunt was efficacious in everyway. Meandering amongst the mature trees, well-kempt grassy knolls and sporadic clusters of bedding plants, my angst at finding we’d run out of marmite at breakfast swiftly evaporated. Accompanying me during this serene wander was my wife […]

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