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Two years ago today the ‘voice of horse racing’ Sir Peter O’Sullevan passed away at the age of 97. Born in County Down, O’Sullevan was from a generation of legendary sports broadcasters whose distinctive tones guided millions of viewers through the BBC’s weekly sports show Grandstand. It was a time when sport provided me with a wealth of special childhood memories. Those were the pre-Sky Sports days when the Beeb predominantly owned the rights to the “crown jewels” of televised sport in […]

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Painting the Town Incandescent Stewpot

This morning when I woke it was a relief to find the disturbing visions of my slumber had just been a dream. On waking I laid on my back looking upwards, experiencing the juxtapose of a warm and soaked brow despite the sensation of a ghostly chill. As I lay there, not only was I relieved my night-time nightmare had been merely a series of hallucinations, but I concluded that I’m gonna have to stop sleeping in the garden……. Especially when it’s raining! Ordinarily, […]

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