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Archive for July 29th, 2017

Part of the Reality Show

Evincing patience is virtuous, so proverb claims An idiom once steadfastly embraced by the proletariat Instant gratification, though, now king in kingdom of the self-entitled In vogue devices deemed a human right by the misguided Even politics gives impression this is all a reality TV show When phone lines open, vote using my on-screen number.   Do I deserve your ballot support? Probably not It matters not though; a quarter hour later the […]

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Relationship Advice From Georgie B

Over dinner yesterday evening, Mrs S and I chatted with a background accompaniment of old vinyl albums from yesteryear. Our esteemed companions as we ate being The George Benson Collection, The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour and David Bowie’s Lets Dance album. We both concurred, listening to these performances from seminal musical artists enhanced our overall dining experience. Comfort music mixed with the comfort cuisine of chicken tagliatelle and salad added greatly to the relaxed synergy of evening. The only part of the evening when I […]

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