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Archive for July 28th, 2017

What Identity Crisis?

Over two hundred year roots in county of reverence Place of birth and 1960’s appearance by grace of god Baby boom nipper, Hyde Terrace emergence Taken northward while still fledgling.   Birds not on drift southward, as in migration Baby boomer appreciative of area resettled Despite heart always being beckoned by genesis Tormented, though abandonment of forefathers situ not option.   Refusal to acquiesce on identity isn’t without repercussions Mind […]

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The Folly of Self-Diagnosis

This morning I overheard two middle-aged women exchanged details of ailments recently highlighted to them by their orthodontist. From my shameful eavesdropping on their gassing, I learnt there was such medical conditions as ‘Burning Mouth Syndrome’ and ‘Geographic Tongue’. Additionally, l acquired the knowledge, which if I’m honest I knew anyway, that I’m a right nosey get. I have to admit, hearing of these hitherto unknown oral syndrome monikers made me smile. They seemed such […]

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