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Archive for July 27th, 2017

You Cannot Be Serious!

Throwback Thursday – An updated version of a blog posted two years ago today…… Today has been a painfully slow news day. The highlight thus far being a person on TV covering their nose at the precise time someone in our living room broke wind. The character in the movie Mission Impossible obviously wasn’t reacting to the flatulence in our chamber. However, as I’m shallow, easily amused bloke the timing made me smile…………. If the fact I’ve had to […]

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Booze Cruise

Visiting my dad during his recent hospital stay, the family spent many an hour reminiscing about memories from our childhood and early adulthood. Amongst the nostalgic yarns revisited were tales from a booze cruise to France, in the mid 1980’s. If memory serves me correct, I was aged around 20 years old at the time. What transpired was an eventful sojourn undertaken with my old man and a family friend; my invite coming courtesy of a misapprehension I possessed sufficient French language skills to act […]

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