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Archive for July 23rd, 2017

Glad To Have You Back

So glad to have you back where you belong Satchmo’s salutations bestowed on returning Ms Levi In Wakey suburbia, brood replicates Louis’ greeting, though pater recipient Dolly replaced lyrically by Mally, apologies to Herman A score and eleven sunsets incarcerated in bosom of healthcare institution Octogenarian gaunt on return, though blessedly without canker of departure.   Unlike Ms Levi, no room swaying or band playing for old chap No song from […]

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The Diminishing Bucket List

Yesterday, Karen and I were heartened to receive a phone call from our daughter Rachel, who’s currently residing in Canada. Amongst the many things we discussed during this erudite interaction, my offspring apologised for her recent astronomical monthly phone bill (which I’m paying). The irony of someone ringing to apologise for over-spending on their phone wasn’t lost on me. Thankfully, Rach assures me that she is no longer using her UK sim and […]

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