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Utopia In Sock Tags

Matchstick arms enclosed in long sleeves achromatic Boy of ten summers stretches cotton kit for palm stealth Mimicking hero’s posture, in flight and in goal celebration Visage smile matches contemporary shirt motif Socks accessorised with tag blue, number eight white Imitation accuracy usurps discomfort of adorning accessory.   His hero a man of Willenhall, Sniffer by pseudonym Second born, though most successful of footballing sibling quartet Moniker bequeathed at poacher’s goal sniffing prowess Oft source of […]

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Much Awaited Homecoming

I’m pleased to report that after 31 days and a few false dawns, today the head of the brood is being discharged from the Leeds General Infirmary (LGI). It will be a slow re-introduction back into the wild, as Occupational Therapists have recommended we slowly wean him from hospital conditions back into his domestic routine. With this in mind, initially he will have his own en-suite bedroom, meals delivered to his bed three times a day and a women’s ward […]

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