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New Dawn at LS11?

In cantilever stand, perches boy; heir apparent Adjacent perches hirsute father; hair apparent Mild April eve in LS11, fledgling noughties White hat’s with white plumage seek further tarry One of quart legions left standing, now seeking scalp Valencian Foe’s both achromatic of uniform; visitors acquiesce, clashing colour forbidden Beyond expectation performance bring charges of Emerald Isle leader to final verge Catalan, Spanish, Belgian, Italian, German colossuses already put to the sword Battles prevailed by […]

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Caught Between Baroque & Hard Place

Throwback Thursday – On 20th July 2015 this parody, relating to the inception of the Riot Act, made an appearance from deep within the recesses of my neurological corridors:- On this date in 1715 the Riot Act came into effect in England. This crowd control legislation gave local authorities powers to arrest a group of twelve or more people, if they didn’t disperse within an hour of a magistrate reading them the Riot Act. The Riot […]

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