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Archive for July 19th, 2017

Sanctuaire de Kaleidoscopique

Sanctuaire de kaleidoscpocique Deciduous trees in backdrop, gossiping in mumble, volition breeze Jardin yeti’s zone o’ comfort; pyracantha unforgiving spikes sole nemesis Beauty horticultural is fete accompli Sweat, doggedness drivers of colour cornucopia Unforgiving rainstorm forecast, flora and flora pray no mirage.   Hirsute man’s perspiration, spouse’s garden design of aspiration Sweat worth unequivocal outcome of charm Hydrangeas exhibit vain glorious, lilies dwindle as petals spent; hibernation preaently Lavender’s fragrant […]

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A Legen In His Own Lunchtime

After having problems saying the word ignominy this morning, I reflected on how the brain can mischievously play tricks when relaying verbal communications. How can it be that I can pronounce juxtaposition and clearothical with ease, but my diction wanders off for coffee when I need it to articulate ignominy?……. Incidentally, the word clearothical doesn’t exist, I merely wanted to point out I can enunciate it regardless. I’m not the only one who appears to […]

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