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Archive for July 17th, 2017

Rite of Passage

Ninth month 1970 Boy of seven summers, witness of owl badge eleven inaugural Peacocks by name but not by feather, plumage white of spectre Shirts a blank canvas at kick-off, soon rendered by sweat and blood Child’s blank canvas rendered by fledgling football memories Pater’s eternal gift for offspring; a point from where he can’t regress Amongst tribe, son’s first sample of Kop stale Tetley’s & urine eau de cologne Today’s foes the Saints come marching out, […]

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The Anchor’s Away, Hamish

Eight years ago today legendary CBS anchor-man Walter Cronkite passed away. A genial, erudite man he was once dubbed ‘the most trusted man in America’, leading to him being allowed to chaperone Richard Nixon’s ego while vacationing in Galveston. Evidently, though, Cronkite was unimpressed with the most trusted man accolade; deeming it an insignificant due to lack of competition at the time. Although not widely known, Cronkite found a bug under his desk in the CBS office during the Watergate […]

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