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Archive for July 14th, 2017

Loco Motives

Childhood domain bound, tracks below feet Domicile o’ inculcation, though birthplace possesses heart Half century crisis of identity, through yeti unable to embrace Self-induced purgatory, mind tormented for his folly If purgatory a halfway house, then has he departed? His final journey, destination redemption.   Locomotive, what are loco man’s motives Tracks are not of tears, like The Miracles Cathartic sojourn, bridge of Tyne rebuilding Redemption sought extinguishing burning pont Time […]

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Light At The Tunnel’s End?

Yesterday, our clan learned the family head’s post-surgery progress was satisfactory enough for his imminent discharge from hospital.  Mally still has some occupational therapy (OT) hurdles to overcome, mainly surrounding stairway mobility, it was heartening to hear our clan head will soon be back in the bosom of his brood. Attempting to motivate my dad with his stair management, I misleadingly disclosed that his surgeon recommended forthwith his consumption of red wine should now occur at altitude. As yet, this hasn’t improved the number of stairs […]

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