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Archive for July 10th, 2017

Animals Aren’t We

  It’s all a game mused marginalised yeti Animals aren’t we Food, water, procreation and shelter Necessities all, rest just padding They short term fix of comfort, till dwindling rush abates Moving onto next misguided existential purchase Bizarrely, expecting a long-standing misery solution.   In globe where happiness sold with prefix ‘i’ There is not ‘i’ in contentment, unless misspelt There is ‘i’ in misguided, foolish, addiction, possessions and delusional […]

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You Can Go Now!

It’s Monday morning. Seeking inspiration while perched on a dining chair in my parents dining room, I mull over what week commencing 10th July has in store for the Strachan brood. With the octogenarian family head still stricken post-surgery, we know our itinerary will include visits to the Leeds General Infirmary (LGI). Additionally, on Friday, I’ve a scheduled 100 mile train journey; this north easterly sojourn welcome respite from the ongoing challenging circumstances being endured by my clan. All […]

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