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Archive for July 8th, 2017

Delay the Flight

Existential departure lounge Sorry, but passport bereft traveller can’t venture Instead, seeking return to bosom of brood Akin to kin, interim delay in one way flight sought He’ll return eventually, aware avoidance not option.   Where art aviation controllers strike? Where art handlers o’ baggage mischief? Where art failure technical? Where art meteorological interference? Conspicuous by absence, undesired smooth path bequeathed.   Traveller aware no brood escapes pain of departure […]

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Better Call Hutz!

Fifty two years ago today Great Train Robber Ronald Biggs escaped from Wandsworth Prison. His liberty obtained by climbing over a 30ft prison wall on a rope ladder thrown from a waiting van outside. The security during the incident, seems about as lax as that encountered by Peter Sellers and his cohorts during their jail break in the 1960’s prison comedy Two-Way Stretch. Bearing in mind Biggs was part of a gang who undertook one […]

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