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Archive for July 6th, 2017

O’night Dream

O’night dream, connotation concealed Taunting soul wi’ secret elucidation Norn man regressed to childhood forefathers domain Loft hiding clandestine past Water tank, Pandora’s Box Norn man reticent to unlatch   O’night dream, connotation concealed Recurring visit to furrowed playing fields of youth Like a spectre, Norn man adorns all white Only ghosting though is beyond opposition. Utopian time in No 8 sock tags   O’night dream, connotation concealed Norn man […]

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The Waiting Game

Sixteen days since his admission, my dad remains in situ at the Leeds General Infirmary (LGI). This enduring recuperation an unavoidable consequence of the major surgery he underwent last Wednesday. It’s been a tough time for the undemonstrative Yorkshire gent. His malcontent exacerbated by his struggle to tolerate his role of patient in the latest episode of the drama The Strachan Family – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?! …… He may be a patient by circumstance, but […]

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