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Archive for July 5th, 2017

The Only Outlet

Only outlet to bid adieu? Malcontent’s frustration, the gift that keeps giving What respite for the tortured yeti? Anger directed at negative imbecilic cankers of one score and ten summers Who’ve conspired with the carcinogenic canker of seven winters With objective of diminishing yeti’s spirit; his melancholy to nurture.   Chewy’s enduring misfortune manifest a dwindling faith Notions of future fortunes illuminated plummet despairingly Witnesses half full crystal glass morphing to semi empty beaker […]

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A Race Against Time

As I commence this tome, I’m slouched on a dining table chair, attempting to muster up the enthusiasm for a rare journey into the domain of multi-tasking. This infrequent venture necessary to allow me to conclude my blog in parallel with securing gig tickets online. Like most guys, the capacity to only successfully manage one task at a time appears to be indelibly marked within my DNA. The only caveat being when my deoxyribonucleic acid is a benefactor of the aligned acts. Meaning, as my DNA has […]

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