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Archive for July 3rd, 2017

Woodhouse Man

Woodhouse man Brick house foundations bestowed upon brood Deterring villainous wolf attentions Encouraging predator to seek less secure footings. Woodhouse man Proud gentleman of white rose burgh Undemonstrative, periphery your comfort zone Unperturbed at allowing the less worthy centre stage. Woodhouse man In a shithouse world Your gifts greater than the guinea or sovereign Humanity, security, caring and selflessness thine riches bestowed. Woodhouse man No more undervalue thine contribution Or decry your altruistic penchant Instead, listen to quart […]

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Prose From The Patio

Until recently, I’ve been reticent to dip my toe into the previously unknown waters of writing poetry. There are many reasons I’ve avoided venturing along this literary avenue, mainly a personal disinterest in poetry, manifesting self-doubt into the structuring of content. Another driver behind my previous aversion to composing sonnets was, to some extent, I subscribe to the comment overheard in a Washington DC bar of “The truth is like poetry – And everyone f***ing hates […]

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